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Fortress Bell Faraday Pouch for Car Keys Signal Blocker pouch Credit Card Signal Blocker Anti-Theft Keyless case Remote Faraday Bag 2 Pack Black Carbon fiber texture

  • Includes TWO FARADAY POUCH FOR CAR KEY AND TWO BLOCKING CARDS-Double Pack 2 Keyless Car protector included to protect both your main and spare keys. Compatible with multiple vehicles-no hassle
  • If your contactless credit or debit card is hacked, you may not realise until it is too late. Just carry a signal blocking security rfid blocking card in your wallet or purse and you will be safe.
  • Do not let your car key fob be hacked. The keyless car key holder pouch keeps your credit cards and debit cards secure. The car key Blocker pouch blocks RFID, NFC, WiFi, GSM, and LTE signals.
  • PU leather Faraday Pouch Key Holder features a Carbon Fibre and Signal Blocker material that provides maximum security for your keys. It’s made of very strong and durable weave nanotechnology.
  • For the car signal blocker pouch TO WORK please use INNER POCKET and CLOSE THE COVER of RFID key pouch for the SIGNAL to be BLOCKED. The Most essential of car gadgets to protect your car key security

Product Description


Fortress Bell Faraday key pouches signal blocker make your cars safe by stopping signals being sent or received by your key fob use second pouch for your spare fob
Put ultra thin Blocking Card next to your credit and debit cards, and no one will be able to access those card signals in your wallet or purse

Let face it you have at least one key and a spare and probable two credit card wallet or purse or you can put blocking card in phone case
Please insert the key fob into the inner foil lined pocket and close the cover for the signal to be blocked

In the modern world, new car gadgets are created to steal your vehicle or credit card details. Malicious criminal actors use key amplifying technology to remotely unlock your vehicle in order to steal it.

How does Fortress Bell faraday bag for car keys Work

The anti theft car key pouch creates a faraday key cage that blocks all types of radio signals such as RFID / NFC / WIFI / GSM / LTE The technology makes it impossible for thieves to exploit these signals and steal your vehicle or credit card information.

Fortress Bell keyless Car key Signal Blocker Pouch is made from the highest quality materials and includes Triple-Layer Shielding Nano Technology to ensure no loss of protection to provide the best car key security pouch.

DON’T LET THIEVES STEAL YOUR CAR –Every few minutes a car is stolen.

Thieves are more sophisticated than ever, opening and operating your car without needing to break in. Using “signal amplification” to gain unauthorized access to your car, these thieves can steal your car with total ease.

KEYLESS CAR KEY Pouches SIGNAL BLOCKER– Keep your car’s security alarm system from getting hacked. Protects your personal and financial data by blocking RFID scanners & readers from detecting your cards’ contactless signals.

This Keyless pouch is a MUST for the modern lifestyle. SLIM, LIGHT, TOUGH & FLEXIBLE – Inner silver layer blocks signals, outer on all sides with dual paired seam construction. Shields key fobs, WIFI cards, thumb drives, and small devices from ALL wireless signals.

Secure closable flap with high quality Velcro, metal hook , carbon fiber texture and Faraday pouch PU leather stitching.


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